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Osteria al Pescatore bei Livio und Rosaria.

Already at the pouring of the first aperitif, the host and cookbook author, Livio Parisi, radiates an inviting cosiness. It's hard to imagine with what enthusiasm he uses the microphone to entertain his guests with karaoke inlays. The typically orange walls are typically decorated with photos, medals and bottle openers, as is the case for Italy. However, Osteria al Pescatore's high profile is not due to the dollhouse flair, but much more to the authentic and excellent work of the kitchen and to host Livio. Livio is a neatly dressed man and expert on fish from Lake Garda. Since the Osteria only serves freshly caught fish, there is no menu. Every day, Livio creates a surprise menu based on the fish caught each day. As you walk, you can hear a guest saying there is nowhere a restaurant where he likes to leave 50 euros for a menu, like the Osteria al Pescatore. Livio Parisi's cookbook, "Il Garda in pentola, La cucina del pesce di lago", is located to browse through the aisles. https://www.osteriaalpescatore.it

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